Hello, I'm Nia or Niannn~
I make VNs in my spare time (born from picking up Ren'py after playing lots of visual novels made in this engine). I like making dating sims or relationship-based romance games, which can either be light-hearted or not (and suffer because of the mood switching sometimes). Last but not the least, I'm from the Philippines~

Released Works

A pianist with a troubled past. A stranger who stays around in trains. A past that haunts someone like some sort of ghost. In the summer of escaping from piano practices, what can the pianist possibly find in her on-the-whim trip? Some peace and quiet or maybe some reminders of what she had been trying to forget.


An Entry for eevee's "Games Made Quick??? 1 1/2"

The medicine was deemed effective after The Doctor's series of experiments. She is able to prove contact with the Netherworld, erase a specimen's complete existence, and now reach a status that just might make her above all things with the help of a little girl who can see ghosts(?).


An Entry for Second Dimension Games's "Finally Finish Something Jam"

In summary, the Princess Code promises to uphold the reputation of St. Goals in helping on turning the villains into the good guys with the help of Princesses.
The Princess knew this code by heart. She is one of the many in St. Goals who wants to help turn a Villain's life around by showing them that someone out there can try to understand them. That there's someone who just wants to be their friend and show them love. Also, she failed last year's assignment so this year might just be her chance to achieve something... in apparently, just five days, where she finds out that everything is just based on stereotypes and her beliefs are not exactly as good as she thinks it is.



THE VILLAINTINE: SEPIA [ Sequel to The Villaintine ]

An Entry for Alte's "Summer Novel Festival"

After agreeing to limit herself to three days instead of her usual two-weeks stay on her assigned Villaintine's place, the Princess reveals her true intentions to the Villain as early as possible (saves the time in explaining things and acting nice). He did accept the deal but still persistently tries to communicate with her. And it's supposed to be all good and all, three days now looks good enough as a goal.

Apparently, three days are not enough. Especially, when she sees dead flowers coming back to life and it triggers a memory of trying to pick some but watch as it wilts in her hands. She can't possibly let this slide and not ask. But who knows asking for something as simple as 'Why are these flowers blooming?' can lead to being The Villain's wingman. While that might sound simple, it's only simple if she doesn't get too attached.





All of my visual novels will be placed in while art as well as other promotional stuff will be in twitter or tumblr. I'll mostly be active in my twitter so reach out to me there if you want to :D

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